Improving Employee Productivity With Promotional Products

Improving Employee Productivity With Promotional Products
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As someone who manages employees, you’re always looking for systems, and minor ways to get employees to work at their most productive and enable you to grow your business. While processes and automation are great, you can actually impact employee productivity with physical items as well. Most of the time, when we think of promotional products as something that we can use to grab our customer's interest at a tradeshow or giveaway. However, the truth is that the right branded items can not only help to expand brand reach, but improve the bottom line for your company, and the companies that you work with.

Today, people aren't just searching for a chance to get their hands on something free. Although everyone loves getting something for nothing, the truth is that that we're really engaged by the items that offer some kind of value. Regardless of whether your promotional item delivers entertainment, information, or practical features, it's important to make sure that it has something unique to offer.

One particularly good way to make your promo products stand out from the crowd, and even get some use out of them for your own employees, is to choose items that are designed to improve productivity, focus, and efficiency in the workplace.

The World of Promo Items is Moving towards Value

As trends grow and change in the marketing industry, it's worth noting that promotional products today focusing more on high-value, and less on cheap, dime-a-dozen solutions for capturing customer attention. Although this might mean that you need to invest more into your promotional products, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

When you purchase valuable items for your promotional strategy, you not only indicate to your audience that you're a company that puts their customer first, but you also get access to something that can help to boost your business internally. After all, giving your own employees access to their own promo items can encourage greater motivation amongst your workforce, and better employee loyalty.

With the following items, you can invest in a branded product strategy that works to build your bottom line, both inside, and outside of your organization.

Calendars and Organizers

Perhaps some of the most obvious promotional items to use for boosting productivity in the workplace, is a calendar or organizer. Journals and planners, diaries, and calendars are items that are used by workers every day. That means outside of the workplace, your customers are exposed to your brand and messaging daily. What's more, when clients visit your office and see a branded calendar hanging on the wall, they recognize the professionalism of your company, and your dedication towards a cohesive corporate image.

Calendars and journals give workers a specific place to keep track of their schedule. In these useful items, you can write down your appointments, where you need to be, and what you need to do by a certain deadline. Organizers can have the same impact, by allowing the average employee to avoid the mess of a hectic desk, and keep track of everything that's important to their specific role. Because journals and organizers are portable, they can also be taken outside of the business, expanding your brand reach whenever a worker needs to update an appointment elsewhere.

Promotional products like calendars and organizers can be created in a range of different styles and sizes, to suit your specific image. There are calendars that stick directly to your wall, weekly-view calendars, pocket-sized journals, and even schedules that double-up as calendars.

Toys and Stress Relievers

Giving employees toys to use throughout the workday might seem like a counterproductive measure when your ultimate aim is to improve productivity and workplace efficiency. However, the truth is that certain items can actually enhance focus and concentration for the average worker. For instance, it's a known fact that when people are stressed, they're naturally more distracted, disorganized, and more likely to procrastinate.

Stress is a common problem when it comes to issues that block creativity and inspiration in the workplace, and it can also drag your workers down emotionally, and physically, leading to more absences and sick-days. With that in mind, introducing stress-relieving and focus-enhancing toys could go a long way towards improving workplace satisfaction.

Stress balls can help employees to address their tension directly, by getting rid of the built-up frustration in their muscles. Additionally, newer solutions like fidget spinners and fidget sticks can help workers to keep their hands busy when they're focusing on conducting meetings over the phone or taking orders. This ability to fidget can quickly remove other distractions that might lead to mistakes in your business.

Productivity-Boosting Technology

Finally, it's safe to say that technological devices are some of the most popular items that people have to choose from when it comes to promotional products these days. Finding tech that will help your employees to be better at their jobs, could be a great way of improving productivity, and even increasing employee engagement.

For example, if you know that your employees need to be connected to their smartphones and other devices at all times, whenever they're inside or outside of the office, then providing them with USB chargers could be a great way to make sure that they're never out of contact. They can charge-up while they're on the move, and get work done when they're on the way to and from conferences and meetings. At the same time, during that travel, they'll constantly be advertising your business. Nathan Boysis, Owner of WestMaids Cleaning Calgary, says “ we provide our cleaners with USB chargers and backup GPS devices to ensure they always arrive at their destinations in a timely manner as well as retain the ability to communicate with management and customers. We’re a firm believer that within the service industry, communication is vital for ensuring a business runs seamlessly, so anything we do anything we can to make that better.”

Similarly, portable memory sticks can allow your employees to take their work home with them when they need a day away from the office, and ensure that important information remains secure. These simple pieces of technology can go a long way to improving productivity throughout the workplace.

Promotional Products and Productivity

The truth is that physical items are incredibly effective at increasing brand awareness and promoting your business, but they're also beneficial for more reasons than you might think. The right promotional items can do a lot more than simply expand your advertising efforts. They can also improve productivity and engagement throughout the workplace, by giving employees access to the tools that they need to do their job well.

Next time you're shopping for promotional products, try shopping with productivity in mind.

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