Improvising your life

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There are so many RULES in life and in business.

I don't do rules. I CAN'T do rules. It's actually impossible for me. I tried. I think. I just do it my way. It's the only way 😉

It's funny (or sad) how you are born with no rules and then suddenly you are told what to wear, what to eat, how to cry yourself to sleep. You're told to sit still, you're told to respect people who haven't earned your respect. You're told to sit down, shut up, nod your head, yes please, thank you, yes yes yes. You go to school and are taught things that are then changed and evolved over time. Do you answer with the right answers, or the 'right' answers? Play the game of education. Play the game of institution. Play the game of life.

But that's it - don't you see? It's all just a game!

And it can be a GOOD game, too! One that you can WIN at!

Ooooh how exciting! I DO love a good game. And I ESPECIALLY love a game I can win :) :) :)
So..... how do you win at this thing - the game of life?

What are the rules?

Arghhhh there's that word again - RULES!

No no no no no no no! You've got it ALLLLLL wrong!

The rules are there to be broken. In fact, the rules are there to bend and mold and shapeshift into whatever you feel like manipulating them in to right here right now.

How do YOU wish to play?

What rules do YOU wish to follow?

OR... Do you plan to go freestyle?


Make it up as you go along!

Hey, I'm a musician by trade - We call it IMPROVISATION!

The musicians are onto something here.

We KNOW the rules are there to be broken.

We KNOW that if we want to do it completely OUR WAY then it has to be IMPROVISED.

Are you improvising your way through life?

Or are you just playing the same old Bach Inventions over and over and over the same way you've always heard them done with NONE of your SOUL, your SPIRIT, your LIFE, injected into the HEART of what you PLAY?


If you feel ANY even SLIGHT dissatisfaction with the way things are going now, then you've GOT to WAKE UP and turn things around.

Want a better life? CREATE a better life.

Want a better job? CREATE a better job.

Want better relationships? CREATE better relationships.

Want better health? CREATE better health.

It's not rocket science.

It's the improvised version of life.

And it's the ONLY way if you want to enjoy your creations :)

Are YOU ready to make the LEAP into CREATING your life the way you REALLY want it?

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