In a Field of Amazing Songs, Poland Reigns Supreme

In the Jury semi-final last night Monika delivered a stunning performance that could well take her on to win the contest. In my opinion it was right up there with Russia & Armenia's brilliant performances in the first semi.

It's a brilliant song and she has an incredible voice. But add to that staging that is brilliant. The wheelchair is not called out, but neither is it hidden. And from that chair she delivers the song in a way that transcends her handicap.

Monika delivers a beautiful uplifting song. It tears at your heartstrings, but in a wondrous way filling you with joy as it celebrates the power of love. This is not a song of loss or limitations, it's a positive upbeat song celebrating life.

The audience loved her performance. And most of the people around me said that while it's not going to do well, they loved it. I think she'll get a lot more votes than anyone's expecting. Possibly enough that we'll be in Warsaw next year. Her performance is that powerful.

What do you all think? Will you be giving her some votes?