In Bright Embrace


One step at the time. Visions are strong, Light is bright, but the cold still sends shivers down the spine. Birthing the new requires time, and patience, and strength. Rest and cuddle. Go about it playfully. The roots of your dream provide you with the main sustenance: the riches of the composted past. And trust that the Sun will gain more power, that its rays will reach the Earth, not only with Light, but with warmth as well.

One step at the time, grounded in the daily life. Warm up your work with the abundance from your heart.

Early Spring fuels us with the sense of eagerness. The first blossoms are smiling at passersby; the branches are weaving their greenery slowly. Did I mention: don't forget to rest? The Soul's journey through the seasons is a marathon, not a short distance run. And the pilgrimage repeats, year after year.

We are in the last days of Aries. Energies can be intense with the urge to do, now. When the Sun enters Taurus on Tuesday, we'll be granted a new dose of air and brightness. Maintain your focus, breathe, ground your stride. More gifts are on their way, more magic is about to happen and perk up your resolve. The dreams are becoming reality one step at the time.

The trick is to find a sweat chord of resonance between our conscious and subconscious layers, the visible and not-yet-visible. You may believe in your vision with the whole being, yet, nothing happens. Or so it seems. A lot is happening backstage. You are being embraced by the Light from the outside and the Love from the inside. You may just not notice it right now, as you are toiling to manifest your dream in the world of matter. It's a time consuming process. Be patient, persevere. Don't allow the bareness of empty utilitarian business routine overwhelm you. Don't let the void of not-yet-visible results discourage you.

Did you know that a honey bee dies after stinging you? The act of fear or anger costs the hard-working bee its life. Likewise, the lower vibrations of fear and hatred damage the Soul. In one of his early lectures, Rudolf Steiner said: "Greek philosophy beautifully compared the human Soul with a bee. The world of color and Light offers the Soul the honey to bring into the Spirit worlds. The Soul must spiritualize the sense experience and carry it up into the higher worlds."

What is the purpose of life? Many wizards have attempted to answer this question. It's not easy to keep the Spirit alive in the ever increasing material density of our lives on Earth. Yet, it's satisfying when we do. It's rewarding when we venture into the dark recesses with our Light, and find amazing gems only we can recognize. Like bees, we bring these treasures back to our true home in the Spirit worlds for the benefit of all.

In laughter, we disappear into the ethers; in tears, we find our human selves here on Earth. We didn't come to this planet to give up as soon as we encounter some hardship. We came to shine Light and spread Love despite the difficulties in the world of duality and separation.


Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
How do you keep your focus when bombarded with demands of daily life on the planet Earth?

This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website.