In Case You Forgot, There's A Toxic Caterpillar That Looks Like Trump (Seriously)

It's got his signature comb-over AND it's not good for you.

Some people speculate Donald Trump wears a toupee, but we’re starting to think he’s just wearing one of these on his head.

Known as the “flannel moth caterpillar” or “megalopygidae” to the science community, this furry thing looks just like Donald Trump’s hair.

We’ve found an actual pain-inducing creature that looks just like another pain-inducing creature.

Now, we’ve told you about this weird critter before ― back in the good old days when Trump was just a yuge real estate mogul.

Amazon Jungle Photographer Jeff Cremer, however, is here to remind us that not only does this caterpillar look like the waves on Trump’s head, it’s also a super toxic bug.

In a video he made of his encounter with the insect, Cremer tells us that it has urticating hairs, “which can cause irritation when they break off and lodge in skin.”

The hairs effectively function like hypodermic needles and can be dangerous to the eyes and respiratory tract.

“Some can cause severe skin necrosis and shedding,” he writes in his video’s caption.

Um. Ew.

So, what does this all mean? Is this hairy bug the demise of our society? Will Donald Trump’s hair build a chrysalis after the election and emerge as a beautiful butterfly weeks later?

We don’t have answers to those last two, but the moral here is: Don’t touch anything that looks like Donald Trump. It’s for your own good.

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