In Celebration of Organic Dudes

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Scene at the gym the other day: A guy steps on the treadmill two over from mine. I'm happily jogging along so I only glance to the side briefly. Within that nanosecond, however, I sense that he's a conventional dude. Moments later my nose is greeted with waves of lingering smoke as well as synthetic deodorant and laundry detergent. Strike. Funny how wickedly well we can pick up on the vibes of others.

My first impulse was to shorten the cool down and get fresh air; good thing I stayed, though, because I got a good laugh and fun material out of this situation.

Here's my request to conventional dudes:
Ditch the chemicals.
Lose the antiperspirants.
Ban the synthetics in deodorants, fragrances, shampoo, body care, styling aides, and laundry detergents from your life. Not only will you smell better (both actively and passively) but your personal power will soar. Now that's sexy.

Man up, go organic.
Organic dudes to the rescue: Challenge your bud to go organic for a month.