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In Defense of God

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Contrary to popular belief

am not
an asshole.

It may come as a surprise
but I do not, under any condition
condemn or punish
or banish anyone to any hot
and flamey anywhere

I do not exclude
or choose one miracle being
over another, regardless
of what you believe
or don't believe -- regardless
of what you
choose or don't choose

My arms are way, way bigger than that

I would never, ever
command someone, anyone
to kill in my name, to kill
in the name of anything, that is the voice
of some scared
someones, not the voice of

Nothing, no thing in all the world's things can make me love you less

If you get close
enough to anything
you will see me there -- here
and here

and here

I love you
each and every
one of you, no burning
punishment, no judgement day

no exceptions

I am the quiet smile that asks
for nothing, the grace
that pulses through tired
veins, rain that turns the green
greener. Imagine something way too good
to be true -- that is

Do you hear me?

I am here
always humming
the same soft hum

I've got this, dear one
get up, begin
again -- keep moving closer to
love -- just love.