In Defense of Hillary

There's been a lot of chortling online about the articles today detailing the poll conducted by American Research Group in New Hampshire where over 400 registered Democrats were shown to be, well, less than fond of the Senator from New York.

I am not a supporter of HIllary Clinton in terms of presidential politics, but I am a supporter of Hillary Clinton, Democratic Senator who has worked very hard for the people of New York and has helped Democrats across the country raise millions of dollars.

But if you're not a fan of Senator Clinton in any way but you're still a Democrat, spend a moment away from your Hillary voodoo doll and ask yourself a a simple question.

Who does a poll in July/August of 2006 only on Hillary Clinton and only focusing on her negatives? Do you think ARG just woke up one day and said to themselves, "let's go bash Hillary." No, someone paid for the poll. Who? I don't know. I contacted ARG and haven't heard back - I doubt they'll tell me, but it smells a little fishy. The poll isn't even on their web site. Did it occur to the writer of the article in the Boston Herald to ask? No. But we'll save the post on the lazy media for later. And are we surprised the Herald got the first story on the poll? No, not at all.

And don't forget - who wins when the Democrats bash one of their leaders? The Republicans. Keeping the Hillary The Hated narrative running helps them, not us.

Support whoever you want. Disagree with Senator Clinton on everything she does. But when people start calling one of the leaders of your party a "whore," it's time to start asking questions about who's paying the bills.