In Defense of the Staycation

I have a husband, two toddlers, and a really busy career. The thought of sitting in traffic for endless hours or grappling with airline security over a sippy cup and my 10 ounce tube of Fekkai conditioner is just not that appealing to me.
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Nameless Person:

What are you doing for Memorial Day Weekend?


Nothing. I'm swamped with work, we're shooting a big TV home makeover this week and then I'm in Miami for press next week, so we're just taking it easy.

Nameless Person:


Me: (Rolling Eyes)

There are two sets of people. The ones who always go away on holiday weekends and the ones who almost never do, like me. I used to, don't get me wrong. In my twenties, I wouldn't have missed a weekend in The Hamptons or South Beach if my life depended on it. Now I have a husband, two toddlers, two dogs and a really busy career. The thought of sitting in traffic for endless hours or grappling with airline security over a sippy cup and my 10 ounce tube of Fekkai conditioner is just not that appealing to me. Instead, we would rather just chill out in our freshly mowed backyard, go to the pool at our club which opens this weekend and maybe even hit up a white sale at Bloomingdales while my patience-of-a-saint-husband sits in Johnny Rockets with our kids.
Yes, that's right. We are staying home on a holiday weekend! Fabulous? You better believe it!

Enter The Staycation.

Just for the record, I loathe this word. Google it and there is actually a Wikipedia page, a Merriam Webster entry and a plethora of other listings one can choose from that will explain "staycation" for you. Wikipedia defines the word staycation as

a neologism for a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home to area attractions.

Interesting. I call it a genius marketing phrase developed a few years ago when unemployment rates and gas prices skyrocketed to previously unseen heights. We had no choice. It was a way of making us feel better if we were simply too broke or too scared to go away and spend our money. Now, even if we are less broke and/or less scared of parting with our Benjamins, many of us still choose to stay close to home on long weekends. Some of us always have.

Now, I'm not saying you should whittle away your Memorial Day Weekend (or any other summer holiday weekend) by alternating between The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Lock Up Marathons (Ugh!). No, you need a break. Likely, you deserve it.

And sometimes, the best breaks are taken at home. With our families, our dogs and our good eatin's! Enjoy your home, enjoy your family (even the crazies) and most of all, enjoy yourself. And remember, there is nothing more fabulous than that.

Here are my Top Ten picks for making your staycation fabulous!

1. Get outside. Whether you have a stoop or an in-ground pool.
2. Grill. It's the fastest way to remind yourself that summer is here. Don't have a grill? Buy some meat and some macaroni salad, go to a local park or beach and set up shop there. Very old-school type fun.
3. Have friends or family over for a casual gathering. Drinks, appetizers, poker. Doesn't matter. Go to Trader Joe's, spend $100 and you're golden. It's that easy. It's about the company and chillaxin' vibe. No gingham aprons, please.
4. Make it an errand free weekend. The dry cleaners and the laundry can wait until next week.
5. Ditch the diet and have a cheeseburger, a hotdog and a snow cone! Seriously.
6. Go shopping. Great sales on furniture, sheets and outdoor decor.
7. Have a picnic to your backyard. Bring a blanket, sandwiches, drinks, the whole nine.
8. Sleep in and skip the gym. One less yoga class is not going to change your life.
9. Make a pitcher of pink beverages. Nothing says summer like fruity drinks. Virgin lemonade or vodka martinis, take your pick.
10. Pick the biggest tourist destination in your city and go there. Chances are, you'll never do it any other time. Trust me.

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