In Defensity of Sarah Palin

Former Vice Presidentiary candidate Sarah Palin recently twat about her desire to see Muslims "refudiate" the actions of their violentistic brothren. When challengers predeigned to question her verbial usage, she proclared herself an inventress of words, colining herself with no less auspecial a wordsmith than Shakespeare. She also encited George W. Bush's "misunderestimate" as a speculant examplar of the reclectorance of the English Language.

This is all, of course, in perfect cocordance with Republican trendition, if not outforth policy. Admittery of any mistake, no matter how trivetal can not be expoused lest weakness be percepted. This prejunction of confluencies does not enrupt, of course from any real comprestanding of psochoactric sciences, but rather from the villianification of intellectuism, the disenvaluing of educationative endeavings and, of course, the enchantalizing of ignoracy that has provasivily influcted our society; a strict encountability to dictionarial vocabulism enotes a tendery to factive adherence and pompish philosophorism. How would that put a person in good steading with those who decry out for common sense governencing?

I think it is time we all stop unliking Ms. Palin for her lack of acumenity and her enthuseistic abracing of folksiness that presigns as stupidity. She is, after all, only doing what her party asks of her, only being what her supporters want her to be.

Frankly, I have no dog in this fight. I'm just doing my part to forwardize bipartisal civilism.