In Dialogue with Maye Musk

In Dialogue with Maye Musk
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Earlier this summer I was proud to be a part of the first-ever Novus Summit hosted at the United Nations in partnership with UN DESA during the United Nations High Level Political Forum in New York.

Founded by Co-Chairs Kunal Sood and Sony Mordechai, along with a strong Novus team, to name a few key team players, Laura Muranaka, Shahar Nechmad, Eiso Vaandrager, Nicholas Pnevmatikakis, and Nisha Khare, Novus was organized with careful attention to both the speakers and the highly-curated audience. Delegates are comprised of individuals who are the leaders of today and the legacy makers of tomorrow.

Novus Summit is focused on promoting science, innovation, and technology to transform the world in order to achieve the 17 UN Global Goals. The UN General Assembly Hall created the conditions for accelerated transformation through the power of collaboration and creative problem solving around tackling the worlds most important issues, and was the preeminent Summit I have ever experienced personally as a digital journalist.

In my legacy interviews from Novus, I was quite taken by the intelligent, beautiful, and talented Maye Musk. As an honoree for UN Global Goal #3 Maye Musk lives her legacy everyday by example as an expert on good health and wellbeing. Her goal is to see everyone in the world eat well and live in harmony.

Maye is a model, nutritionist, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her life has taken her to many heights and she touches upon her journey, her work, and commentary about her most accomplished family which includes her son, Elon Musk, who is changing the world as we know it using technology.

Here is an excerpt of my dialogue with Maye at the Novus Summit.

More about Novus Summit.

On July 17th 2016, NOVUS organized the first-ever annual summit at the United Nations during the High Level Political Forum that showcased 34 voices of positive change and 17 honorees working towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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