In Dialogue with Sir Ken Robinson

My camera lens recently got the opportunity to capture Sir Ken Robinson, an international advisor for education and founding patron of Think Equal. In our video interview below, Robinson talks about the importance of transforming the way educational institutions approach educating our youth to include elements of empathy and compassion - and how Think Equal's goal is to do just that.

Think Equal was founded by Leslee Udwin, the award-winning director of India's Daughter, a film that sparked a movement for gender equality and to stop violence against women. Udwin describes the initiative as one that "calls for a systematic change in education to end the discriminatory mind set and cycle of violence across our world. It calls on governments and education ministers to adopt a new subject mediating experiential social and emotional learning. It asks them to mandate this as a tangible new subject onto the compulsory curriculum of world schools. And it ask them to implement this from the earliest years when, according to neuroscientists, the child is still cognitively modifiable."

It was a privilege to hear Sir Ken Robinson share his experienced viewpoint around education. He is a well-known advocate for the power of education, and we would like to thank him for taking the time to share his insights.

You can learn more about the Think Equal initiative by visiting

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