One In Ten Would Trade In-Flight Bathroom For In-Flight Internet, Survey Finds

Even though digital detoxing is, like, an official thing now, most travelers are not willing to take one any time soon.

In a recent survey from Honeywell Aerospace, 54% of Americans polled “wouldn’t be able to go five hours” on a flight without Wi-Fi.

…That’s kind of embarrassing.

The survey also found:
  • 42% of Americans would give up in-flight snacks for in-flight Wi-Fi
  • 38% would give up their preferred seat
  • 45% would go through security twice
  • 36% would arrive at their gate three hours early
  • 27% would trade their ticket for a standby ticket on a later flight
  • 31% would leave from an airport an hour out of the way
  • 26% would suffer a two-hour layover
  • 19% would sit through a three-hour delay while already on the plane


  • 13% of Americans would refrain from using the restroom for an entire flight if they could connect to Wi-Fi during said flight

Maybe it’s just us, but peeing seems like a necessity when you’re on a 16-hour haul from LAX to Dubai. Nobody can hold it that long. Even with Facebook access.

How far would you go to get Wi-Fi in the sky?

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