In Honor of Mother's Day: Four Amazing Moms You Should Know

Here are some moms doing important things we can all learn from.
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Amy Brenneman
For this Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominee and 46-year-old mom, family comes first. Husband Brad Silberling, a successful film director, and their children, Charlotte, 10, and Bodhi, 5, are the ones who Brenneman says keep her grounded.

She's been in over 15 films and has starred in such iconic TV series as: NYPD Blue, Frasier and Judging Amy. Currently, she plays Dr. Violet Turner, a psychiatrist in ABC's hit medical "dramedy," Private Practice. And if you think she's a vapid LA actress, think again, Amy has a degree in Comparative Religion from Harvard University.

Amy says personal satisfaction with her job helps her be a better mom and wife. She's also a very hands on parent. I experienced this personally when I was interviewing her on the phone and she said, "Can I call you back in an hour? I'm pulling up to my daughter's school and I'm volunteering at the bake sale." And she did call me back - twice. But I didn't answer because I was dealing with a toddler who had taken a nasty fall. Oh, the irony after discussing work/life balance! There's no "have your people call my people" with Brenneman.

Brenneman believes strongly in giving back and getting involved. She works with numerous charitable and advocacy organizations, including The Feminist Majority Foundation, Healthy Child/Healthy World, CARE, The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Reproductive freedom is very important to Brenneman saying, "It's one of the most critical issues facing our leaders today."

In addition to starring in a hugely successful TV series, being a wife and mother, and her myriad of causes, Brenneman somehow found the time to write a theater piece, "Mouth Wide Open." It's candidly autobiographical and juxtaposes Brenneman's hunger for the spiritual with the pressures of celebrity. Irreverent, intimate and funny, "Mouth Wide Open" will run at the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) at the Loeb Drama Center, in Boston May 24-29.

Gretchen Witt
Gretchen and her husband Larry, founded Cookies for Kids' Cancer in 2008, just a few months after the success of their first cookie sale during the holidays 2007. Their efforts have always been inspired by their son Liam who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2007 at the age of 2. She wanted a cure for Liam and others like him, and she wanted it fast. "The topic of children's cancer is such a scary taboo that nobody wants to talk about it. I had to come up with something everyone loves. And who can resist a cookie?" asks Witt.

Witt is a mom on a mission. Cookies for Kids' Cancer has raised $2 million from what has become a 365-day online national project, with bake sales also held all over the country. Start-to-finish steps for hosting a local bake sale--from planning and staffing to downloadable signs, brochures, and press releases--are available on the organization's website.

Tragically, Liam came to the end of his courageous 4-year fight with cancer on January 24, 2011 at the age of 6 ½. Though devastated by his loss, the Witts remain more determined than ever to continue the fight against pediatric cancer.

This May, Liam would have celebrated his 7th birthday. Cookies for Kids' Cancer hopes that 700 hundred bake sales will be held across the county this month to honor "Prince Liam." The Glad Products Company is committing $225,000 to match all money raised by Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sales in the month of May. Be a Good Cookie and host one in your neighborhood or school. Do it in memory of Liam and to honor his amazing mother.

Susan Nethero
Part self self esteem guru, part bra master, Nethero founded {Intimacy} in 1992. She says out of "lack" (she's smaller busted) came fullness by following her bliss and helping women get the right fit for their shape.

Nethero trained under the Queen of England's Royal bra fitter, and {Intimacy} focuses on its complimentary, one-on-one consultations to all shoppers as a way to educate them on what size bras work best for their body type. {Intimacy} offers more than 90 bra sizes in cups ranging from A, to *cough* K. The mannequins in the store window are not life-sized Barbies but are often size 10 or 12 so that average size women can feel comfortable in the store, especially when they're about to be fitted.

Nethero's 16 stores across the county carry Aubade, Chantelle, Panache, and Prima Donna, and every bra purchase comes with free, lifelong custom alterations. And the bras aren't limited to everyday use; the boutique also carries nursing, sports and sleeping bras. {Intimacy} is a family affair: her husband of 30 years, David, is the President and her older daughter, Emily is also an executive with the company. Her younger daughter, Julia, is in college.

Nethero says the secret to her success is directly linked to the one-on-one bra fitting service to customers. "Many women believe something's wrong with their body, whether they've gained a few pounds, lost firmness or are thicker than they use to be," says Nethero, "After a bra fitting, a dramatic body transformation uplifts the customer's shape and her confidence will soar!"

Even though Nethero has been dubbed "The Bra Whisperer" and has appeared on "Oprah" five times, you can still find her in the stores, personally fitting customers all day long.

Lee Woodruff
Lee Woodruff is probably best known for the New York Times bestseller she co-authored with her husband, ABC News' anchor Bob Woodruff. "In an Instant" is the compelling and humorous chronicle of her family's journey following her husband's devastating roadside bomb injury in Iraq while on assignment.

Since Bob's remarkable recovery, the couple has helped put a face on the serious issue of traumatic brain injury among returning Iraq war veterans, as well as the millions of Americans who live with this often invisible, but life-changing affliction.

Woodruff is a contributing editor for ABC's Good Morning America, reporting on a variety of home and family topics, author and motivational speaker. Her latest book, "Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress" is a personal and witty look at the many roles played by a modern American woman. Woodruff is also a mother of four children, ranging in age from 10 to 18, her oldest son in his first year at college. One of her twin daughters, 11-year old Norah, was born with severe hearing loss but is living a full and normal life due to intervention and hearing aid technology. She is also a tireless advocate for children's hearing health. The Woodruffs are honorary board members of The Deafness Research Foundation.

Most importantly, the Woodruffs have founded The Bob Woodruff Foundation to help service members and veterans heal the physical and psychological wounds of war. The organization invests in innovative national and community-based programs across the U.S. to help our nation's injured heroes back into their civilian lives so they may thrive - physically, psychologically, socially and economically. The foundation estimates that over 320,000 U.S. service members have sustained a TBI during deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. Of those reporting a probable TBI, 57% have not been evaluated by a physician for brain injury.

The couple hopes that their dedication to American military families transcends politics and that "Support our Troops" will become an action and not just a slogan. They are working on their first Washington, DC "Stand Up For Heroes" fundraising event in June and will hold their annual New York fundraiser in the fall. To learn more about The Bob Woodruff Foundation go to

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