In Las Vegas, go for a home with a pool

Like its nickname, the entertainment city of the World, Las Vegas gets even more entertaining during the summer. If you are considering buying a home in this great city, you might want to consider the need of buying a home that has a pool. During the summer, if you don’t own a pool, your neighbors will make you jealous with smooth night swims and long summer pool parties. Considering that long summers will be a part of your life if you choose to live in Las Vegas, a pool will save you lots of bucks over the years, summer pool fees for the rest of your life not forgetting travel costs to the pool and the inconveniences of swimming with all sorts of jumbled people.

Does a Pool Increase Home Value?

It definitely does. In Las Vegas, a pool can increase the value of a home over 10 times but not all the time. What may surprise you is that some buyers might consider a pool a liability than a luxury. Installing, and filling a small pool of about 600-square-foot costs $30,000-$35000. You will spend $600 on chemicals each summer season and if you don’t learn to clean your pool, you will spend another $15 a week on DIY maintenance. But this shouldn’t scare you. The value of a home with a pool will also depend on where your home is located. Like I said, the long summer in Las Vegas puts homes with pools at a high value. It is rare that a home with a pool will drop value in this part of the World. The only problem you may have that might devalue your home with a pool is if the pool is in a bad condition. However, this too has a solution. A good real estate agent with experience in the Las Vegas areas can help a buyer determine whether a pool is a feature or a liability or can help a seller negotiate for a great price.

Where to find help in Las Vegas?

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