Train Conductor Falls In Love With Passenger Who Claims He's A Stalker

Eight years ago, Alexandra was a passenger on a train where she met the conductor, William. For William, it was love at first sight. "I couldn't take my eyes off her," recalls the 57-year-old, who says he thought she would be his girlfriend. "We started dating pretty much right away. I fell for her. I knew right then and there, this is the girl for me. I’m in love with this girl.”

But Alexandra, 33, says William is delusional, has created a fantasy relationship, and claims he is stalking her with up to 100 phone calls and 200 texts daily. She says she made it clear to William — despite accepting cash and gifts from him, and posing for provocative pictures — that they were just friends. “William is delusional, because he thinks he is my boyfriend, and he will never be my boyfriend,” says Alexandra, pointing out that there has never been any intimacy between the two of them, though they have spent significant time together.

William denies calling Alexandra 100 times a day and “stalking” her — but admits that he carries a cigar box with him at all times with the hundreds of photos he has taken of Alexandra. He says he still hopes they will spend the rest of their lives together, and admits that, at times, his jealousy has caused him to respond to her with rage.

Has William overstepped his boundaries with unwanted advances, or is Alexandra sending him mixed signals? How does she explain all the provocative photos? How will William respond if he hears that it's finally time for him to move on? Watch more from Dr. Phil's "Hundreds of Photos in a Box: Snapshots by an Admirer Who She Calls Her Stalker" episode.

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