In Memory Of September 11


September 11 is a day that will always be remembered by those old enough to never forget. And it will also be told by those to children too young to remember. It will be a part of history forever. It is a day that will remain in infamy. So many families lost loved ones and the grieving will never end. Grieving is a process that has helped many cope with the loss of a family member, co-worker or friend. Many people confided in each other while also knowing that this, too shall pass. With time, comes acceptance. Acceptance doesn't make things easier, it just allows for one to realize that he/she has the strength to go on. That is what their loved ones would want them to do; not remain stagnate but to live their lives, full of hope, happiness, strength and love, in memory of those who lost their lives.

On that morning, I clearly remember where I was, what I was doing, and not believing what had just happened. I was 12 years old, young enough to question why, but old enough to understand. I will never forget the smoke in the sky, a grey smog that was blanketing us, as if to hide the evilness of the situation.

I was affected by those who lost love ones that day. I was young, but I knew that this day would never be forgotten. I wrote a poem about this tragic day, 15 years ago, in hopes that if it could touch just one person in a positive way, then my work was done. My prayers go out to the families. They say time heals all wounds, but 15 years may feel like a second to those who lost loved ones. It's been 15 years, but the day will never be forgotten.

On an early morning in September,
was truly a sad day to remember.
Many people passed away, or were
injured on that day.
Some of their bodies may never be found.
The people and the buildings fell
straight to the ground.
The date signaled help, 911.
A date in the U.S. that will be
remembered by everyone.
People must have felt great pain, to know
loved ones were on those hijacked planes.
It was very depressing to see, what
was the twin towers is now all debris.
The pilots were threatened by men with knives.
So many innocent people lost their lives.
Even though the World Trade Center is now gone,
The people of New York must carry on.
This terrible tragedy was meant to destroy us
and make us hate one another. Instead, it made
us come together and help each other.
Although many loved ones passed away,
you will see their faces again someday.
For the many people who sacrificed
their lives, we hold them close and dear.
They are in a better place where there's no hate and no fear.
We fly our flags to represent
our United States, of a country
which is still powerful and great!
And though, together the people
of America cried, we still should keep
faith in GOD, our country and pride!

By: Brittney M. Grimes

God Bless you all, and God Bless America