In-N-Out Pops In To Australia N' Pops Out Just As Quickly

There's no argument that In-N-Out has a cult-like following -- part of the reason people are so dedicated is that In-N-Out only exists on the West Coast, and in Texas. Last month though, the burger joint popped up in Shanghai, for select guests. Now, the chain set up shop for one day in Sydney, Australia, inside Mexican restaurant Barrio Chino.

In-N-Out confirmed the pop-up on Facebook, and warned that quantities were extremely limited. That became abundantly clear as one source claimed the shop ran out in 23 minutes. This doesn't mean that In-N-Out is coming to Sydney permanently, though. The company said on Facebook:

We have done events like this before in other countries and they are just one part of our efforts to promote and expand our brand as well as determine the best way to continue reaching out to customers around the world. We do not have any immediate plans to open a permanent restaurant there but this special event will help us make future decisions.

Serious Eats points out that menu prices were slightly higher in Australia than they are in California, though the grub looked quite familiar.