In-N-Out Double Duck Burger: The SECRET Secret Menu Item (VIDEO)

You've heard of the double-double animal style, but have you heard of the double duck burger?

In the spoof video above, comedian David Ury reveals this top-secret In-N-Out menu item, which layers thick slices of foie gras on top of a double-double burger.

But why would he share such a closely-held secret with the rest of the world?

"Changes in California law mean that one of these menu items is going to be eliminated come July 1st," explains Ury, "so it's now or never."

We've gotta say -- Ury's spoof burger had our mouths watering. But unless you can score fresh foie gras to make your own double duck, head to Animal in the Fairfax district. Their loco moco dish, which layers a slab of foie gras on top of spam and a burger, may be the closest thing you'll ever get to a double duck.

For more ways to say farewell to foie gras, head over to Grub Street LA to choose between 24 dishes around Los Angeles. Below are HuffPost blogger David Duman's top five foie gras picks.

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