In-N-Out Gangnam Style Video Parodies PSY's Hit Song

If you want to have the ladies eating out of your hands, make sure you're holding In-N-Out Animal Style burgers.

This sexy-silly parody of the Korean song "Gangnam Style" by PSY pays homage to California's favorite fast food chain with shots of a shirtless man pouring a strawberry milkshake all over his body, spliced with gorgeous women in a three-way burger love fest.

We're not sure the chain, which prints Bible verses underneath their soda cups, will appreciate sensual montages of people rubbing food all over their bodies. Then again, as the song's lyrics point out, "In-N-Out is Christian, but they don't hate."

Other Southern California "Gangnam Style" parodies of note include a version sung entirely in Klingon, a lifeguard video that got everyone fired and one starring a 60-year old mother.

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