Who Knew There Was Basically A Free In-N-Out Shuttle At LAX?

There's Basically A Free In-N-Out Shuttle At LAX

Foodie travelers know that no snacking opportunity should go wasted... not even on a layover.

You'll find a Shake Shack restaurant right in Terminal 4 at JFK, but this is not the case with In-N-Out (the West Coast's rival burger chain) at LAX. The closest In-N-Out is about half a mile from the airport, and you could technically walk, but the route is plagued with highway on-ramps and terminal traffic. In-N-Out remains just beyond passengers' reach -- and if you want a taste of California's classic cult burger during your stopover, this is a MAJOR problem.

Enter the "free In-N-Out shuttle."

Well, it's technically a shuttle for The Parking Spot, an independently-owned, offsite parking structure near the airport where passengers stash their cars during vacation. The shuttle from LAX to the structure is complimentary, since The Parking Spot assumes you'll be using their services once you get there.

However, right across from The Parking Spot structure, in the very same parking lot, is... an In-N-Out Burger. So in theory you could hop on the shuttle at the terminal (make sure it's headed to The Parking Spot's Sepulveda location, as there are two), ride it to In-N-Out, stock up on yumminess and ride it right back in time for your connecting flight. The hack is in no way sanctioned by neither LAX nor In-N-Out, but from what we hear, it totally works.

Those double-doubles, those ice cream shakes, that secret menu Flying Dutchman -- it's all too irresistible, though we must admit we feel a little guilty taking advantage of The Parking Spot's free shuttle service. Maybe the answer is parking your car in their lot, or simply tipping your shuttle driver with an order of animal fries.

Oh, how difficult to resist the pull of the patty.

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