In-N-Out Veggie Burger? Petition Lobbies For Another Option For Vegetarians

Veggie Burgers At In-N-Out: Yay Or Nay?

It seems almost sacrosanct to mess with In-N-Out's long-established (secret) menu, but one Angeleno is fighting for reform.

In a petition, Ari Solomon is calling for the Southern California institution to offer veggie burgers for vegetarians who miss eating at In-N-Out. The petition is in response to a hidden camera investigation that revealed an In-N-Out beef supplier was abusing cows.

Solomon explains:

In-N-Out did the right thing and said they would no longer buy from this supplier, but it's the 21st century and I think it's high time they offer a veggie burger option for customers who don't want to eat animals or just want a little diversity with an environmentally-friendly, healthier option once in a while.

I know In-N-Out prides itself on being ahead of the other fast food outlets, so how amazing would it be if vegans and vegetarians from students to A-list celebs and everyone in between could go enjoy a burger?

We're torn on this issue. Vegetarians already have a delicious option on the secret menu called the "grilled cheese sandwich" -- essentially everything except the beef patty, and it comes animal-style, too. Could a veggie burger option open the door to even more menu changes, eventually diluting In-N-Out's fresh, simple brand?

For example, in the comments section of the petition, people are also suggesting things like soy milkshakes, almond milkshakes, vegan burgers (wouldn't contain egg or dairy products, unlike a veggie burger) and sweet potato fries.

As commenter Mike B. said, "Why don't you just go somewhere that sells veggie burgers?!? Don't F with my In-N-Out, you skinny soy lattes!!"

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