In Response to: Harvard MBA Offers $10,000 for a Girlfriend

In Response to: Harvard MBA Offers $10,000 for a Girlfriend
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Ren's story originally appeared here. But the short version is that he put up $10,000 to find a girlfriend.

Hi Ren,
I'm a dating coach and matchmaker for singles. I tell you this first to tell you that I don't specifically have a match for you. Sorry!

Why am I contacting you? First, I want to say, NICE move! You reversed the matchmaking process on the matchmakers. You have paid no one, and have everyone working for you. Smart move in love and business! Secondly, you made a great dating profile. It could be improved with 2 things. I hope you don't mind that I'm making unsolicited suggestions. If not for you, perhaps others can benefit from your story.

I hear that you sincerely want to meet someone and since I can't make an introduction, I at least want to help as you seem sincere about finding her. First thing, it would be nice if there was a video of you as well as pictures. Pictures are nice, but an intriguing video would capture even more attention, probably go viral and most importantly will give people a better idea of who you are. Which leads me to the second point, it would be best for you to list more about yourself that is unique, different and really makes you who you are. And we need a ton of interesting details about what you're looking for. All those little quirky things that your prefer, we need to know about. I want to know about those small details that probably mean nothing, but could end up helping someone to identify her. The part about you liking people who are "intellectually curious" and "like learning about the rules to a new board game," that was a great point. I'd love to see a dozen more points like that. Not that one person needs to have all those things, but rather that someone with a few of those things would be a good person to suggest to you. Anyone who is helping you look for a girlfriend needs more details in order to do a good job at matching you up.

I'm guessing your new full time job is going to be sorting through all the lousy suggestions you get from the publicity of your story. I hope you are good at filtering suggestions! Being decisive is a great challenge and especially if you aren't really sure what you want. You said, "Most people don't know what they want (even if they think they do), and I'm no exception." If you don't know what you want, how can anyone help you find it? You've got to know. Just imagine you are starting a new business and looking for a partner, how would you go about finding one? I believe you'd know what you want before you would start to look for a business partner. In the business of love I need you to know what you want too.

I think with more serious consideration of what you want, you can articulate better to the world your desires and I imagine within 60 days you'll find her. Not a guarantee, but with the media attention you attracted, I think you can find her.

I hope you meet a woman who has the qualities you value. I can tell you are a creative individual with a passion for life and an innovative spirit.

I wish I had someone wonderful to introduce you to. However, I see your dating site is down now. So what I want to know is have you found the one? I sure hope so, but if not, don't give up.

All the best,

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