In Spite of Holiday Hurts and Hang Ups...Family Forgives...

Season’s Greetings,

My name’s Major. I’m a blond Labradoodle, who turned thirteen years old in October. Do you realize in people years that’s 87 years old? It’s been a Grand Ride, my life, thanks to the family that loved me unconditionally, in spite of how many socks I ate, or how many spots I accidentally left on the carpet in my early years. Family forgives and that’s what matters most. In spite of my shortcomings, I am a good dog. Heck, I was an awesome dog, featured in two books and three TV commercials. Not many ole dogs can say that.

In the last couple of months, I’ve had had a tickle in my throat that wouldn’t go away. And this past Sunday, I had trouble breathing and had to visit the ER. Sadly, I’ve been diagnosed with a condition that’s most likely terminal, sooner, rather than later. And that’s OK. I’ve lived a good life and more importantly, I’ve mattered. It’s been my privilege to snuggle up to those I love when they needed a furry hug. I especially liked making them exercise, even when they didn’t feel like it. I bet I’ve gone through a hundred tennis balls in my lifetime. I’ve been a faithful companion all these years. Heck, I’ve even learned to tolerate...”God Forbid”... cats.

Thus, I’ve created my very own bucket list. My last hurrah, if you will. And it’s a good one!

My first wish is to spend one more day on Dale Hollow Lake. I know it’s gonna be cold, but the Lab in me can weather it quite well. Those yellow tennis balls float quite nicely and retrieving them is my specialty.

My second wish is to eat an entire chocolate cake, not just half of it, like the last time, or the time before that...or the time before that. I surely get points for trying, don’t I?

My third wish is to make it till Christmas. I love presents, lot’s and lot’s of presents. Anything that’s wrapped, it’s mine till it’s not!

My fourth wish, this being the most important, is to spend a day with my whole family.

It’s been quite a few years since we’ve been a family. Divorce does that, I got it. But, like I said earlier, family forgives. People hurt you, family hurts you more. Still, family forgives, puts it behind them and moves on. Thus, my final wish, in spite of all the hurts and hang ups, is to play with my three brothers again, before I go the great dog park in the sky. Wishes’ come true, don’t they, especially during the Christmas Season?

So, if you’ll think good thoughts, maybe say a prayer or two and pass this on, hopefully they will see it and reach out. Time is a precious commodity, especially when it’s fleeting.

Thanks to all who’ve made my life worth living. I love you, one and all.


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