In the Brothel

In the Brothel
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"Prime Minister Shinzo Abe denied Thursday that Japan's military had forced foreign women into sexual slavery during World War II, contradicting the Japanese government's longtime official position.... 'Some say it is useful to compare the brothels to college cafeterias run by private companies, who recruit their own staff, procure foodstuffs and set prices,' Nariaki Nakayama, the leader of 120 lawmakers who want to revise the declaration, said Thursday. 'Where there's demand, business crops up,' Mr. Nakayama said, according to The Associated Press. 'But to say women were forced by the Japanese military into service is off the mark. This issue must be reconsidered, based on truth, for the sake of Japanese honor.'" -- New York Times


In the Brothel

KOJI: Hello, Kenji-san!

KENJI: Hello, Koji-san, how is it hanging?

KOJI:Very well, thank you. What are we having for sex tonight?

KENJI:We are having Korean sex.

KOJI:Korean again? It is too spicy for me!

KENJI: To me it is agreeable, especially with beer.

KOJI:Well, to each his own taste! In any case, I hope the comfort ladies will be wearing their hair nets.

KENJI:Yes, Korean ladies have long hair.

KOJI:It gets in one's mouth sometimes, do you not find?

KENJI:Yes, I find.

KOJI:Even when the ladies are tied down.

KENJI:Nevertheless, it is relaxing to have sex after a long day on the battlefield.

KOJI:Yes, it is relaxing, whence such a great demand for sex here.

KENJI:Is that why this fine brothel has cropped up?

KOJI:Yes, that is why it has cropped up.

KENJI:Is it run by a private concern?

KOJI:Yes, it so run. It recruits its own staff, chooses a daily menu, and sets prices, according to the laws of the marketplace.

KENJI: How cool is that?

KOJI: It is very cool, thank you.

KENJI: The prices are quite reasonable, are they not?

KOJI: Sure, and the merchandise is tip-top, as well.

KENJI: Which parts do you favor?

KOJI: I favor the breast, and in addition, the thighs.

KENJI: For me, the rump is most delightful.

KENJI:Let's hope the queue is not lengthy. I can hardly wait to have sex tonight!

KOJI: Nor can I, even though I prefer Chinese.



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