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Peter Costantini ~ Seattle

<p> Pacific end of border barrier, Tijuana �</p>

Pacific end of border barrier, Tijuana �

Peter Costantini

What was the Millennium Migration? When did it happen and what effects did it have on the United States, Mexico, and other countries involved? How did it challenge and transform us economically, legally, socially, and politically? What can we learn from it about what immigration will mean for all of us going forward?

“In the Footsteps of the Millennium Migration“ reconstructs and analyzes the history of the great surge of immigration into the United States from the south during the 1990s and 2000s. Based on two decades of research and interviews with participants and observers, it attempts to establish baselines of economic, legal and social realities. Building on these, it addresses some of the political noise and disinformation that have obscured what actually happened. It finishes by sketching the outlines of some principles that should inform future immigration policies.

This 84-page paper is the second version of what was originally entitled “The Millennium Migration in Context”. It is available for download as a PDF file (1.6 MB):

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