In This Economy, Better Make Your Penny Candy Work for You!

Psst, hey kid. You want some candy?

Why is it that store-bought penny candy never gives you the same high when you're reintroduced to it as an adult? Is it because corporations keep finding cheaper ways to produce it, using lesser ingredients than they did back then? If so, how come it's still so darn expensive?

We realize we're talking about penny candy here. But we all need our fixes, and who can afford even penny candy in today's economy? Well, get ready to feel like a million bucks again, because Lester & Charlie are here to help you thumb your nose at our do-nothing Congress and show you how to make your own! Take that, Mitch McConnell!

We've shown you before how you can maintain your luxury American lifestyle by making your own instant coffee and even your own discount menthol cigarettes. Now, in episode two of our 3rd season of "Do It At Home, America!" series, we're bringing back the drug-hazed magic of childhood!

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