Ina Garten's Massive Cosmopolitan-For-One Recipe Is *Chef's Kiss*

Our quaran-queen must be protected at all costs.

Ina Garten ranks high on the list of people we’d like to self-isolate with. She’s a fabulous host, lives to entertain, and, as we learned early Wednesday morning, she abides by our recently implemented “it’s five o’clock somewhere” mentality.

The Barefoot (who isn’t these days) Contessa shared a recipe for cosmopolitans on Instagram using items she said “you probably have right in your house” (that most people definitely do not have in their house), including an enormous cocktail shaker and an even-bigger martini glass.

The recipe calls for two cups of “good vodka,” one cup of Cointreau or triple sec, cranberry juice cocktail and freshly squeezed lime juice ― and in this case, store-bought is not fine. “It’s gotta be freshly squeezed,” she said. “Very important.”

She then explains you must shake with ice for 30 full seconds, reminding us that we have “lots of time, it’s not a problem,” and that “during a crisis, you know cocktail hour can be any hour.” This is further proven by the fact that she posted the video at 10 a.m.

We’ll take the video with a grain of salt (preferably rimming the cocktail glass), considering the date (April 1) and the glass’ size. But just the thought of Ina and her husband Jeffrey sharing this massive cocktail “Lady and the Tramp” style is enough to momentarily quell our quar-anxiety. How easy is that?

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