Ina Garten Reveals She Hates Foam On Her Food

Her feelings about Taylor Swift, on the other hand, are another story.

Ina Garten lives on a plane above us common folk, one that is decorated with expensive china and plentiful with perfectly roasted chicken. So it’s not too surprising that the food trend she “can’t stand” is one she might not realize actually isn’t even really a food “trend” anymore.

The Barefoot Contessa herself gave Bon Appetit a rapid fire interview in which she revealed her favorite summer ingredient (avocado), her go-to summer drink (a daiquiri) and her least favorite food trend:


Sure, it makes sense that a woman whose tagline is “how easy is that?” has no interest in this complicated element. But foam in food isn’t exactly trendy anymore.

A piece in the Washington Post deeming it trendy came out back in 2011. Other stories, which asked whether or not diners liked it, came out in 2010.

She’s not alone in her disdain, though.

Gordon Ramsey revealed in a 2016 Reddit AMA that he thinks foam is the “dumbest food trend.” Even in his case, though, he wrote he started working with the stuff “in the ’90s” and is “still amazed that they’re around now.”

One hip thing Garten does love? Listening to Taylor Swift’s “1989” album while she cooks. “We listen to it over and over and over again.”

Considering all of the above, this actually might be the death knell for the trendiness of Swift’s album.