Ina And Jeffrey Garten Is The Only Acceptable Couples Costume There Is

How easy is that?

Couples costumes get a bad rap for being generally awful and painfully cheesy.

But what about couples who are craving the profound intimacy of matching with their partner, but have the finest taste for only the best, locally sourced, 10-years-aged cheese? Man, have we got the costume for you.

National treasure Ina Garten is a picture of perfection, as is her relationship with her dear husband of 47 years, Jeffrey. Her new book, “Cooking for Jeffrey,” puts the pair in the spotlight more than ever.

Come on. 
Come on. 

Now is a fabulous time to pay homage to these two perfect humans. And this quirky look is actually simple to achieve.

Spitting images, no?
Spitting images, no?

You will need:

For Ina

  • One oversized, button-front shirt
  • Black pants
  • A wig spun from the yarn of the alpacas living in your backyard (or this one from Ricky’s)

For Jeffrey

And also, you’ll obviously need a slice of cake, which we dare you not to eat before the evening’s over.

Have a fabulous Halloween, everyone.

Ina Garten's NYC Apartment