Inauguration Shocker! Trump Is Trashed Seconds Before Taking Oath.

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On January 20, 2017, a Huffpost contributor and documenter of truth witnessed an event of such seismic impact that he was barely able to record his observations. Here, in what he hopes will be a marketable form, is his story:

Scene: Friday, January 20, 2017. A torrential rain is falling in the streets of Los Angeles. To the residents of one neighborhood, the day is of very special importance: the trash will be picked up.

8:55 AM (PST) The torso and head of a Donald Trump piñata, a gag birthday gift from a son to his father when such a gift could still be regarded as a gag, sticks above the rim of the non-recyclable trash bin.

8:57 AM (PST)—A massive trash truck rounds the bend. The driver, upon seeing what awaits him, appears to double over the wheel laughing.

8:58:30 AM (PST)—The truck pulls even with the Huffpost contributor’s trash bin, then activates the fork that lifts the can and upends it so that its contents fall into the truck’s rear compartment. As the bin is returned to the ground, however, the rain-soaked Trump piñata falls back into the street.

8:59:45 AM (PST)—The driver shifts to “Park,” climbs down from the truck cab into the rain, throws the piñata into the bin, climbs back into the cab, re-activates the fork mechanism, and successfully dumps Trump, who thereupon becomes the public’s problem.

9:01 AM (PST)—As the trash truck moves down the street, the hand of the plucky driver pops from the window and gives a thumbs up.


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