Nothing Like A Little Incest On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Shonda is at it again.

Spoilers obviously abound below for Season 2, Episode 3, of "Hot to Get Away with Murder," "It's Called The Octopus."

Just when you thought "How to Get Away with Murder" couldn't top itself, it breaks out incest, sex clubs, teacher-student manipulation and a potential Chappaquiddick incident all over again. Oh, and a new love for drunk musings by Annalise into a recorder -- this show just doesn't stop. Shonda, never leave us mere mortals.

We start off with Annalise on a bender, after which she then gets terrified by a mouse. She summons Wes to her house to dispose of it.

A few things here: Imagine if your law professor summoned you to her house at 3 a.m. to kill a mouse. Two: Are we really supposed to believe that Annalise can't stomach killing a mouse? The woman acquits murderers, covers up crimes and is an overall badass -- a pest problem seems like something she can handle. So that leads us to our final point -- she's playing Wes, right? This was all an attempt to build on the Mrs. Robinson vibe.

Back in the classroom, we kick off the episode, which might as well have been an hour-long version of everyone's favorite Salt-N-Pepa song. Shonda Rhimes must have a jar of issues she pulls from and writes episodes around (on "Grey's," it was asking for a raise and on "Scandal," it was sacrificing for your man), and this week on "HTGAWM," it was about being sex-positive.

The case of the week revolves around a woman who owns a tantric sex club. She admits to Annalise that she accidentally killed the man she was having an affair with because she wanted him to leave his wife. All kinds of meditations on sex, perceptions, affairs and the usual shenanigans ensue. To up the insanity, the kids suspected of murdering their parents -- whose case is going to run all season -- are having an incestuous relationship. Because their murder case couldn't get any crazier.

In the weekly roundup of the kids' love lives, Frank is playing hard-to-get with Laurel and it's working, Asher is being sketchy with Bonnie since he's a mole who stole Annalise's recorder, Michaela and Levi are totally becoming a couple, Connor and Oliver are almost done with Connor's PrEP course, and Wes is headed to his teacher's house at 3 a.m. to kill mice. Wide variety there.

The episode wraps up with Annalise getting her client off, and the woman yelling at her "How do you sleep at night?" Now, this struck us as a bit odd, that her client would be indignant about how Annalise eviscerated the wife of the man she killed to save her, and she had the audacity to yell at her about how she saved her from jail time? Just nope. No way. You should take that freedom and run with it.

Back at Casa Keating, Wes figures out that Levi is Rebecca's foster brother, and the pair become fast friends over wanting to figure out Rebecca's disappearance. Could Levi be the one trying to kill Annalise in the end? Ultimately, Wes allows him to keep up his relationship with Michaela -- cold bro, not warning a girl like that.

Connor takes it to the next level with Oliver by admitting to staying faithful at a sex party. This is meant as a declaration of love that he could stay faithful for 21 days, sex party and all. Oliver is a saint, and that's all we're going to say about that.

Bonnie breaks it off with Asher, because she's afraid he's been messing around on the side. We're way sadder to see this relationship of oddballs end than we thought we'd be, and want to know what's up with the mysterious Tiffany blackmail the DA has on Asher. Could this be a Ted Kennedy, Chappaquiddick incident all over again?

As for Laurel -- turns out she's head over heels for Frank and tries to ply Bonnie with drinks for more info. No dice, but drunk Bonnie is loads of fun. We want to hang out with her more often.

Back to Annalise -- our fearless protagonist agonizes over what to wear before marching over to Nate's apartment for a second chance. While she did manage to get him his old job back, that doesn't really excuse the fact that she originally was the reason he was fired and that she framed him for her husband's murder. But, OK.

Nate says he's going to give her a second chance, but the wide panel shot slides back to reveal Wes and him are in cahoots. Could Annalise finally get played by those she's always playing?

In the flash-forward sequences, we see that Nate originally called Annalise to check in on her, but then ends up picking up the kids after they run from the scene. Could he be taking a page out of Annalise's book and leaving voicemails to prove his innocence and establish an alibi?

If Nate and Wes finally grow backbones and overthrow the master of intrigue, this will be one twisty-turny season indeed. 'Til next week ….

Odds and Ends

  • Just how do all these law students have time to maintain jobs, relationships, school work, murdering people and their perfect 10 bodies? We just want to know.
  • No way Asher is smooth enough to steal Annalise's recording device, no way.
  • Speaking of, I'm having some serious "True Detective" recording flashbacks, and  we love it.
  • We have to admit -- missed Eve this episode. Nate may not be cutting it anymore as the love interest.
  • Levi may have been on this show for only two episodes, but, boy, has he stolen our hearts.
  • Does Annalise have siblings? She said that's not how she comforts her siblings when talking to the incestuous duo. Some quality guest star groundwork foreshadowing here?
  • Do these kids look more guilty talking about Michaela's sex life rather than their murder? Yes, yes they do.
  • We were wondering where Nate's dying wife was, but appears she makes an appearance next episode. That'll be uplifting for sure.
  • Has anyone ever made Annalise-Dr. Gregory House comparisons?  
  • And, after murdering people, these kids spend an awful lot of time hiding in creepy woods.

"How to Get Away with Murder" airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.


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