Incorporating Pumpkins Into Your Wedding Day

It's pumpkin season and what better way to take advantage of the fall foliage than with a pumpkin-themed fall wedding.
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It's pumpkin season and what better way to take advantage of the fall foliage than with a pumpkin-themed fall wedding. With a theme like this, you can either go all out or you can incorporate pumpkins into your wedding in an elegant and luxurious way. There are many subtle and classy ways to include pumpkins in your wedding whether it be incorporating them into your centerpieces or offering your guests a pumpkin-inspired menu.

Here are a few things you can do to incorporate pumpkins into your wedding:

Pumpkin Décor: When it comes to incorporating pumpkins into your wedding décor, subtle and classy is definitely the way to go. For centerpieces, I suggest wrapping pumpkins of all different sizes in gold and white Organza ribbon or lace. You can surround the pumpkins with floating candles in hurricanes and votives of different sizes as well. Candles always add to the ambiance and will create a romantic setting. Remove the stems from smaller pumpkins and place tiny tea light candles on top. Just as well, carving monogrammed initials into a pumpkin and placing a candle inside will give off a luxurious glowing effect and add to the elegance of your wedding.

Pumpkin Painting: Spice up your décor by painting your pumpkins entirely one color or go into detail with intricate designs. If you're going to paint the pumpkins a solid color, whites, golds or neutrals typically work best and adorning them with a string of crystals will add a luxurious effect. If you want to go into detail, decorate your pumpkins with a paisley or chevron pattern. You can remove the tops of these painted pumpkins as well and place white and gold roses inside to create a pumpkin flower vase. Small, personalized pumpkins with your guests name painted in an elegant cursive handwriting make for a great alternative to place cards and also double as a cute gift for your guests to bring home with them.

Pumpkin-Inspired Menu: Get really creative by adding pumpkins to your menu. There are endless possibilities when it comes to using pumpkin within your dishes. Serve a pumpkin ravioli or a pumpkin risotto with pan-seared scallops. Create a unique presentation by hollowing out a pumpkin to serve these dishes in. You can also have a fondue station and serve a chocolate fondue out of a larger pumpkin and use smaller pumpkins as little candy bowls to hold marshmallows, strawberries and other items to dip into the chocolate. Instead of a wedding cake, go for pumpkin cupcakes with a cream cheese or maple frosting.

Pumpkin-Infused Drinks: In addition to your menu, there are millions of possibilities for using pumpkin in cocktails and drinks. Serve pumpkin-spice martinis with cinnamon stirrers, pumpkin ale or pumpkin sangria with a pumpkin-spiced liqueur. For non-alcoholic drinks, serve a pumpkin-spiced chai latte or a pumpkin hot chocolate with little jack-o-lantern marshmallows. You can get a little creative and even serve the drinks out of pumpkins.

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