Incorporating 'Something Blue' Into Your Big Day

Even if you don't consider yourself to be superstitious, chances are when it comes to your wedding day, you will find yourself following at least a couple of the luck-promoting traditions. One of the most widely known traditions dates back to a Victorian poem, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe."

Each item in the poem is thought to bring the bride luck on her wedding day. The "something blue" in the poem is a custom that began in Ancient Israel when brides would wear a blue ribbon in their hair or on the edge of their dresses to symbolize loyalty.

Queen Victoria of England is thought to have started the tradition of wearing a white dress in 1840 when she selected to wear it during her ceremony. Prior to those times, many women wore colored gowns. Blue was a popular color because it represents purity, love, and fidelity, which many of us believe white also represents. As the saying goes "married in blue, always be true."

Today most brides wear white but choose to incorporate the "something blue" tradition in a creative way. For example, Catherine Middleton had a blue ribbon sewn into her Alexander McQueen gown to follow with tradition. Some women wear a blue garter, blue jewelry, or even wear blue nail polish!

As a jewelry designer, I think investing in an amazing blue sapphire earring or cuff is the perfect way to incorporate the "something blue" tradition into your wedding-day look. My belief behind my designs is that women should invest in pieces that they will wear every day, so why should your wedding jewelry be any different? The piece can then be an ongoing reminder of your love and fidelity for one another. A client of mine had her heart set on my Melissa Louise bangle with blue sapphires. Although it was a bit more than she had initially intended to spend, she knew it would be a piece she would wear forever and loved that it would remind her of her wedding day. She also took great pride in knowing she would someday be able to give it to her daughter or daughter-in-law to wear during her own ceremony.

Working with brides and bridal jewelry has always been a great passion of mine, which led me to start a new bridal line, DRD Bridal. While sapphire jewelry is classically stunning, it can be expensive. For brides looking for high glamour without the steep price, I recommend blue topaz for the Big Day. One of my most popular styles, the Anna Beth stud earring, is gorgeous yet simple and perfect for the understated bride. Or, for a little more drama, I recommend a short drop earring. Both the Sara Elizabeth and the Samantha Lynn are great options. They offer just enough of a drop and color but won't take away from your gown.

Another wedding trend that has come into play is the use of colored stones for wedding bands rather than diamonds. The Melissa Louise sapphire band has been a popular choice for brides looking for a less traditional band. It can be worn alone or stacked with an engagement ring.

Recently, I helped a couple of my clients looking to purchase a wedding gift for their sister. They wanted to buy her something that she could wear during the ceremony and every day after that. After carefully going through each of the pieces they liked, I suggested my blue sapphire evil eye bracelet. I wear mine every day and believe it offers me protection and luck throughout my life. The flat white gold back is also perfect for engraving, so we had her new married initials engraved on the back. It was not only the perfect sentiment but would act as the bride's something blue and something new on her Big Day.

Below, some of Dana Levy's "something blue" designs:

Dana Levy