Increase Libido With These 5 Foods

5 Foods That Can Increase Your Libido

We'll preface this by saying that a good dose of common sense, not to mention sound science, says that libido is far too multi-faceted to be induced by a single magical food, drink or nutritional supplement.

However, aphrodisiacs -- and their potential ability to increase libido -- have held people's fascination across time and cultures. The idea seems to translate well in our own historical moment, where there is seemingly a pill for everything. Viagra could be seen as today's answer to the oysters favored by ancient Romans -- though it does not stimulate desire per se, but instead addresses the performance issue for someone who is already feeling amorous.

Huff/Post50 decided to do some digging and found five foods that reportedly increase libido. While we would recommend you try getting in shape and eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet first, as well as assessing the health of your relationship and your physical and mental well-being, an oyster dinner can't hurt either. Featuring any one of these foods at your next romantic occasion can be an additional way to get the sparks flying between you and your partner.

1. Oysters

5 Foods To Boost Libido

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