These 16 Incredible Bathrooms Are What Dreams Are Made Of (PHOTOS)

These 16 Incredible Bathrooms Are What Dreams Are Made Of

The bathroom is the ultimate private spot in your home. It's where you start your day and begin your night. (And for 35 percent of you, steal some alone time with your tablet.) While the key features rarely change -- tub/shower, toilet, sink and maybe a cabinet -- a few talented designers, architects and builders have rethought this space into something out of your dreams. Our friends at shared 16 projects that range from even more stunning. To see even more photos, click on the project name under each picture.

Which would you want in your dream home?
This is basically like having a spa in your home.
Paris Meets Pure by Jennifer Post Design, Inc.
Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors Ltd.
Large windows allow for maximum light.
A modern take on freestanding tubs.
Willamette River project by Jenni Leasia
Enjoy the woods from the comfort of your own tub.
Willamette River project by Jenni Leasia
Black cabinetry offers a unique look.
Why not have a ceiling-to-tub water feature?
Lakefront Splendor by Gelotte Hommas
Soft green walls add a relaxing touch.
Lakeside Lookout project by Gelotte Hommas
This soaking tub looks out onto a lovely outdoor space.
Caballos project by J. Andrew Development
Gorgeous expanses of marble, wood and tiles create a luxurious feel.
Rome-inspired master bath by Signature Design and Cabinetry
The tub is the star attraction in this warm bathroom.
Promontory project by Hopedale Builders
Can you beat this view?
Neiders Residence by NB Design Group Inc
This bathroom has a comfy spot to sit before a soak.
Paschall Residence by Hopedale Builders
Love books? Then you'll love a tub with its own library.
'Cherokee' project by Phil Kean Designs
A tub is a great spot to watch TV.
Refined Lonestar Home by Sojo Design
Moving the tub to the center of the room frees up space for storage.
Avon Lake Masterpiece by Schill Architecture
Choose between a place to soak and to shower.
Ballard bath project by Jackson Remodeling
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