The Absence Of Frozone's Wife In 'Incredibles 2' Is Causing A Controversy

Honey Best has thus far been an offscreen-only character.

The trailer for Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” hit the internet last week, and while everyone is happy to see the return of their favorite family of supers, one character is conspicuous by her absence ― at least, her visible absence. And no, it’s not Violet.

Honey Best (Kimberly Adair Clark) had a small but memorable role in the first “Incredibles,” arguing with her husband, Lucius ― aka the superhero Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) ― as he’s searching for his super suit. We never see Honey in that scene, only hearing her voice.

Honey will be in “Incredibles 2” ― but once again, apparently, we won’t actually be seeing her.

“She’s funnier as a voice,” writer and director Brad Bird reportedly said during a press conference at Pixar, according to SlashFilm. ( says the press event happened sometime this month.) “We actually went through all the trouble of designing a character and the design appears in the movie but not as Frozone’s wife,” Bird said. “We have used her design and she is a hero but there’s not a lot of screen time though.”

Honey is generally thought to be a woman of color. Given the overall dearth of diversity in Hollywood films, some critics think a character like Honey should exist in “Incredibles 2” as more than just disembodied dialogue.

“It’d be great if we could get richer characterization for Honey, something that showcases her as rounded, fleshed-out character instead of just a sassy black voice,” Monique Jones writes at Shadow and Act. Some social media users voiced similar concerns.

We hear Honey’s voice in the new “Incredibles 2” trailer ― but, evidently, we won’t be seeing her face. Unless maybe if there’s an “Incredibles 3” at some point.

“Incredibles 2” is scheduled to hit theaters June 15.

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