Why Everyone Under 40 Should Be an Independent Voter

It's sad to say, but if you're under 40, you've probably never experienced functional American politics since the time you started to pay attention to politics... if you pay attention to politics. (And it's hard to blame you if you don't).

You've seen a couple of decades of the worst our political system has to offer -- two obstructionist political parties, refusing to work together to accomplish anything, and drifting further and further apart.

But if you have a job and pay taxes, if you own a house or property, if you have kids, you know there's no escaping our government and our political system. If you want life to get better for you and your family, you're going to have to knock some Republican and Democrat heads together. You're going to have to help take back your government.

So here's one simple question: when was the last time a Republican or a Democrat said anything you found remotely relevant to your life and fixing the problems facing you and your family?

If the answer is "never" or "I can't remember," you belong with us. Join the growing community of independent thinking independent voters at Independent Voters of America today. We're also very active on Facebook.