India Karate Kids: Schoolchildren's Arms Run Over With Motorbike As A Test

A school in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu recently demonstrated students' advancement in karate training by ceremoniously running over their outstretched arms with a motorbike, CNN reports. The students' ages ranged from 6 to 13 and according to K. Devarajan, the education director speaking to CNN, the exercise was carried out with the parents' full consent.

State education authorities have now asked schools not to carry out such activities because they violate safety guidelines, which he claimed were already in place in state educational institutions.

Devarajan said officers visited the school after learning about the controversial show.

According to CNN, a local newspaper ran photos of the event that showed the motorbike running over the students' arms while adults--presumably parents--stood in the background smiling. Another state education official told CNN that nobody was injured from the exercise.

According to the Guilty Customs blog post from November 30, 2008, the Tamil Nadu elementary school's demonstration was hardly the first of its kind--students from the Vanita Mahavidyalaya high school underwent a similar experience. The blog entry also has a photo, here.

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