This Taboo-Busting Ad Is Reinventing 'Happily Ever After' In India (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Taboo-Busting Ad That's Shocking India

Widowed and divorced women have historically been shunned in areas of India. So imagine the nation's surprise when jeweler Tanishq celebrated a second marriage in its new ad.

The spot (watch above) features a beautiful bride having a playful moment with her daughter after bridesmaids help her adjust her jewelry. At the ceremony, we see the hunky groom struck with love for both his new wife and stepdaughter.

The little girl feels excluded during the actual marriage rites, however, so stepdad invites her to join them. She later asks if she can call him "Daddy."

AdWeek reports that India has been "mesmerized" by the ad. The trade outlet called the commercial "revolutionary" and "crazy bold."

Tanishq is possibly the first to introduce remarriage in Indian advertising, India business outlet Livemint wrote.

"[Viewers] may not be going through the same thing in their life, but the ad makes a bold, progressive, statement and people like to be associated with brands that make such statements," Arun Iyer, national creative director of the ad agency Lowe Lintas, told Livemint.

YouTube watchers applauded the ad for breaking taboos and for using a model with a darker skin tone than is customary in commercials there.

Even a member of Parliament chimed in, tweeting his approval.

We say it's never too late for happily ever after.

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