Man-Eater Obsession: India Officials Hope Calvin Klein Cologne Will Help Trap Tiger

Tigress known as T-1 and two cubs may have killed as many as 13 people.

India officials are hoping to trap a man-eating tigress and her two cubs with a unique strategy: using Calvin Klein’s aptly named Obsession for Men cologne as a lure.

The tigress, who is known as T-1, and her nearly year-old cubs, roam 57 square miles of territory and have terrorized thousands of farmers and villagers. They may have killed as many as 13 people in the western state of Maharashtra, according to India media.

Officials have used goats and horses as tiger bait, mobilized armed police patrols, organized 24-hour surveillance and installed multiple cameras, but have failed to catch the creatures, per the BBC. Now officials have purchased several bottles of Obsession for Men, the BBC reported. The cologne has already proven to be remarkably alluring to jaguars.

Bronx Zoo scientists discovered that jaguars — and some other big cats — were particularly drawn to Obsession for Men, a fragrance which contains a pheromone called civetone that is derived from the scent glands of civets.

“We have been told the cologne can work as a good scent bait for the tigress. So we will spray the perfume on the trees and ground and see what happens,” India wildlife official Sunil Limaye told the BBC.

An Indian veterinarian has successfully trapped a leopard and a man-eating tiger using the cologne, NPR reported. 

Animal activists are lobbying to save the tigers’ lives and have urged officials to have them trapped and moved rather than killed, reported HuffPost India.

“We do not intend to kill her. But it will all depend on the circumstances. If she attacks us, we’ll have to shoot,” a local wildlife official told the BBC.

India is home to 60 percent of the world’s tigers. There are more than 200 in Maharashtra.