Naan Pizza At Spice 6 Is Worth Leaving The City To Try

Two Tasty Words: Naan Pizza

We didn't think we needed another reason to love pizza but Spice 6 in Hyattsville, Md., just gave us one: Indian pizza.

The assembly-line concept is familiar to fans of Chipotle, Roti and Sweetgreen: Choose your base, pick a protein, add a curry and vegetable toppings. Sprinkle cheese over the whole thing, pop it in the oven and less than two minutes later -- pizza!

indian pizza

The secret here is the freshness of the ingredients. Naan is baked on-site (and in view of diners) in a tandoori oven, the curries and chutneys are homemade and even the yogurt for mango lassis is made fresh daily.

Spice 6 isn't the first customizable Indian eatery in town -- Merzi in Gallery Place comes to mind -- but the idea of naan pizza is a unique twist. Owner Vik Singh was inspired after working at a pizza place and experimenting with Indian toppings. A year ago, he brought in chef Upendra Thapaliya from Nepal and Spice 6 was born.

The menu also includes wraps, salads and rice bowls, along with samosas and other savory snacks. Right now, the only Spice 6 is in Hyattsville but Singh doesn't rule out expanding to other locations in the future.

Sorry, jumbo slice. This is one pizza worth leaving the city to try.

spice 6

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