Indiana Democrats Flee State To Block Anti-Union Bill: Reports

Indiana Democrats Reportedly Flee State To Block Anti-Union Bill

Democratic lawmakers are fleeing Indiana in an attempt to block anti-union legislation, the Indianapolis Star reports. A source tells the paper that the Democrats will most likely enter Illinois, where fleeing Wisconsin senators are also ensconced as part of a similar maneuver.

The Wall Street Journal reports that protesters encouraged the departing Democrats:

Republicans arrived at the statehouse Tuesday morning to find no Democrats present, as protesters applauding the walkout could be heard inside the chamber.

The strategy is possible because Republicans make up 60 of 100 House seats. Without any Democrats present, Republicans lack a two-thirds majority needed for a quorum to act on the bill.

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reports that the proposed Indiana legislation "prohibits employees from being required to pay union dues or representation fees as a condition of employment."

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