Indiana Snow Penises Given Generous Local News Coverage (VIDEO)

Lafayette, Indiana has a snow problem on their hands, but it isn't the "snowpocalypse" everyone else has been talking about.

Local news station WLFI 18 filed this generous report about a neighborhood that was quite upset with one house's lawn decorations: snow sculptures representing male genitalia.

Neighbors who called the police said they "showed up, laughed and left" but later investigation revealed that under a state statute for "obscene matter" the creators of the snow penises could have received misdemeanor charges if they hadn't taken them down.

Who would have known a couple of suggestively shaped snow piles could cause this much of an uproar? We don't know how detailed these things were, but the sculptor must have made them pretty life-like to offend so many people.

Watch the detailed news report below to see just how gripped this small town was by the sculptures, which we imagine gave new meaning to the term "snowman." (Via Buzzfeed)