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Sgt. Luke Nathalang, Indiana State Trooper, Saves Two Lives In One Week (PHOTO)

An Indiana State Trooper who saved a man's life has made another daring rescue -- less than one week after the first.

Last Tuesday, WISH TV reported that Sgt. Luke Nathalang was responsible for saving a driver who suffered a massive heart attack.

"They said that I died and they said you don't get any more massive than that," Ben Lindley, 48, told WTHR. Nathalang discovered Lindley, whose van had side-swiped a semi truck, on the shoulder of Interstate 65.

Lindley was slumped over and unresponsive, so Nathalang shook him, checked his vitals and performed CPR several times until paramedics took over, WTHR reported. Cardiologists later said that Nathalang's actions saved Lindley's life.

On Monday evening, the trooper had just finished an interview about his first rescue -- cameras were still rolling, said the Dubois County Free Press -- when he was flagged down. A woman said her mother had become unresponsive.

According to the Free Press, Nathalang rushed over and noticed that the woman's oxygen tank wasn't functioning. He fixed one of the tank's valves, allowing the woman to recover.

Nathlang told WTHR, "I always said when I started this career 28 years ago, that ... if I could just save one life ... I'll be doing my job."

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