Indianapolis-Based Juncture Film Makes Minimalist Cinema For Cinephiles

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<p>Left to right: Eric, Nick, Mary on location for Reincarnation. Photo by Kurt Anno.</p>

Left to right: Eric, Nick, Mary on location for Reincarnation. Photo by Kurt Anno.

Photo Credit Goes To Juncture Film.

Juncture Film is a small Indianapolis web-based production company that develops and produces micro budget films. Dedicated to filmmaking, Juncture Film has a wide range story of lines that follow a minimalist style.

Photo credit goes to Juncture Film.

Founded in 2012 by Nick Anno, Juncture's mission is proudly displayed on its website, to explore the cinema medium with emphasis on creative ideas, compelling narrative, and filmic storytelling. The "Film" in the company name is a reference to cinema in the film industry in general, not to a single movie. According to Anno, Juncture didn't come about from a "pop" of inspiration; it was more an organic process: “I wanted to be a writer from a very young age, and when I was 15, I was given birthday money and spent it on The Godfather DVD collection, a copy of Goodfellas, and a special edition of Fight Club,” he explains. Out of those movies he purchased that day, Fight Club really broke down his preconceptions of cinema; basically explaining that he loved the interpretation of the story, even if the movie wasn’t directly showing it as a scene. After this, he wanted to seek out more films that were analyzed and broken down.

"I think an audience should have to work to understand what's going on in the story -- same as in real life. Our films are about real life. Sometimes they're slow, sometimes they're quiet, but I think they're always authentic."- Nick Anno

Anno researched a great deal of cinema through high school. He attended college thinking he would focus on his passion, which was writing film criticism. He was required to take classes on literature in school. After writing a story and sharing it with his professor, he suggested that the story he written would work better as a film because of the amount of external imagery instead of the internal dialogue. From there, he took a screenwriting class and decided that he wanted to write films.

The formation of Juncture Film has been an evolving process that involves team members Mary Byrd and cousin Eric Anno. Eric has for years been Nick’s writing collaborator, and Mary was a volunteer stage manager for theater productions for years.

At the beginning, Eric and Nick wrote scripts. Mary helped organize and put a film production together for the scripts. Mary was a student at the Herron School of Art and Design at the time. She suggested that they do a fun documentary short about her making a screen-printed t-shirt. The name of this project is Shop Screen #18.

Nick and Mary enjoyed making that film so much that they did a follow up named Through That Door, and enjoyed that process also.

Today, they are all collectively involved in all of the production processes. They discuss and contribute to scripts, help heavily with the preproduction preparation, and they all contribute during photography. Nick also has experiences in being a programmer, and script advising. After Through That Door, Eric, Mary and Nick each created their own individual films and released it as a trilogy. Mary's project is about grief. Eric's project is about voyeurism. Nick’s project is about identity.

Juncture FIlm’s project The Monarch played at a film festival in Los Angeles and in an online Canadian film showcase. As a result, they were given a three-year video-on-demand distribution deal.

Juncture film is working on its first feature film, a project name Reincarnation, set for release in the fall of 2017. The story is about a character named John, who received a life-changing diagnosis. As a result, John retires and seeks to discover new interests and reclaim old ones. His journey leads him back to an old friend with whom he must reconcile a past transgression.

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