Indians Fireworks Guy Accidentally Lets 'Em Fly After Kansas City Home Run

He was all types of sad after making this mistake.

Lapses in judgement happen over the course of a long Major League baseball season. Most of the time, it's the lapses by players and coaches that we notice. But sometimes, just sometimes, the fireworks guy really finds his time to shine. 

The Cleveland Indians hosted the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday night. In the fifth inning, Kansas City outfielder Alex Rios hit a home run to left field.

That happens, but what happened next normally doesn't: After hitting the big fly, fireworks were accidentally set off by an Indians employee. In the Indians' stadium.

When Cleveland fans realized what was happening, they began to heavily boo the man responsible for setting off fireworks after an opposing home run.

Understandably embarrassed, the fireworks technician face-palmed and tried to hide his face behind his hat while being barraged by the shower of boos.

The Cleveland Indians' Twitter account made light of his mistake by tweeting out a reference to "Dumb and Dumber."

Rios laughed about the experience of getting fireworks outside his home stadium after the Royals' eventual win. "It's the first time that's happened to me in a road game," he said postgame.

Considering the Indians lost on Tuesday night and are now 13.5 games back in the AL Central and five games back for the second wild card spot, the fans might want to direct less of their boos at the fireworks guy and more of them at the team.

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