Indigenous Roots Nourish a World in Transition

Though the connections may seem obscure, the relationship between our ancient past and our future exists within each of us like a seed waiting to sprout.

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The Twelve Film

Reductionism, a foundation of modern science, has allowed us to dissect the individual parts of our collective reality to understand it better but it has also created illusions of separation. Only through piecing everything back together and understanding our existence as an aspect of the whole can we become complete within ourselves and as a society. We have gathered great technology and understanding in our endless journey of discovery but we must always return to and nurture the roots from where we came. For this we turn to indigenous wisdom-keepers and with the help of our modern technologies we can share their profound and needed message with each other and the world.

Keepers of indigenous wisdom remind us of the ways that humans interacted with each other and nature before we began dissecting things for science. Just as the violins, cellos, french horns, and piano of an orchestra are separate instruments with different musicians playing them, together they make one musical expression. This is the wisdom of the forests, of eco-systems, of the ocean, of the cells in our body. These interconnected biological systems work as one, in harmony allowing organisms to live and thrive. Our illusions of separation have caused us to develop societies that are the antithesis of this perennial wisdom.

A healthy future for humanity depends on us recognizing this underlying unity between all life. Just as the body becomes ill when the different systems don’t work in harmony, our planet is ill with humanity’s incoherence with natural, living systems. We have powerful technologies now which include the internet, social media, film, blockchain and more. When these innovations are used with the intention and indigenous wisdom, we will see a profound transformation and blossoming of human society. If we continue to use these tools without the highest understanding of the interconnectedness of all life, we will easily destroy ourselves.

The good news is that many understand the importance of this moment in history. Together, networks of communities both online/virtual, and place-based intentional villages are applying this revelation to combine the best practices of ancient indigenous wisdom with leading-edge technology. Damanhur, an intentional community in Italy, is leading the charge with an online initiative and workshops.

Scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs like Peter Fiekowsky and Paul Hawken are coming up with ingenious ways to address issues like climate change utilizing technology. Creative minds like Adam Jacoby and Jamie Skella along with others have come up with ways to use blockchain technology to fix corruption in democracy and unite people for collective decision-making. Unify has been utilizing online technology to create globally synchronized moments for ceremony, meditation, and social action. Independent filmmakers, bloggers, and others are also using media to spread this important message of collective awakening and hope for our planet.

Le Ciel Foundation is launching an inspired and beautiful film that embodies these principles called, The Twelve. This feature length documentary will share the knowledge and wisdom of twelve indigenous wisdom tradition masters from around the world. Each of these tribes holds a different piece to the greater puzzle of innate wisdom and connection to the Earth. This knowledge is collectively held by indigenous cultures across the globe and the time has come to listen to their ancient wisdom. What a beautiful convergence to see this wisdom delivered through state-of-the art 4K cameras and seasoned film makers.

We will listen to their insights for the world: their traditions and rituals, how they relate to the land, the animals, the plants, one another, their connection to nature, the structure of their society, the way they educate and raise their children, and their spiritual practices.-The Twelve Film

A global meditation accompanies the launch of the film. On November 26, people all over the world will join these twelve masters in meditation. The elders will gather in New York City for this historic event and you are invited to help spread the word by joining the Thunderclap. The film captures the beauty and magic of these ancient cultures, offering multi-dimensional solutions to humanity’s core environmental and social challenges. The global meditation allows people everywhere to participate, to connect via the world wide web and through their own consciousness simultaneously.

Science agrees that collective intention has the ability to alter the fabric of the physical world. Just as a soft breeze, or the sound of the ocean waves soothes us, we each have the ability to tune into the inner calm within us. Meditation, prayer, time in nature, beautiful art, and inspired films also have the ability to awaken our hearts to beauty and connection. Organizations like Global Coherence Initiative, Heartmath, and the Project Noosphere are all leading initiatives to study the power of global meditation and the ways it influences our world for the better.

It is hard to ignore that we live in exceptional times. The stakes our high as our capacity to transform every aspect of human society is matched only by our ability to self-destruct. It may be a race between creativity and catastrophe and every single one of us is playing a part in the unfolding drama whether we are conscious of it or not. The choice is simple for the awakened. The excitement of being empowered and part of something beautiful can be overwhelming at times.

Please help spread the word, share this article with your networks. Stay connected to my writing on my Facebook Page as we continue to explore solutions. We may experience the mundane, and get caught in the illusion of separation, but shifting to a state of interconnectedness, awakened consciousness and inspiration comes down to a simple choice. Only through piecing everything back together and understanding our existence as an aspect of the whole can we become complete within ourselves and as a society. Let the journey begin within!

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