It Looks Like Love May Be In The Air For The 'Indoor Boys'

Things get hot (or not) on the fourth chapter of this summer's must-see series 👬

Love is a battlefield when you’re young, single and gay ― and, as this week’s episode of “ Indoor Boys” shows, it can be even trickier when you’ve got a codependent roommate.

In “Put This On,” Nate (Alex Wyse) can’t shake the memory of a disastrous Grindr date (Lyle Mackston) as he prepares to step out for dinner with a new suitor (Michael Tacconi). Meanwhile, the cavalier Luke (Wesley Taylor) attempts to put Luke at ease by recalling a tryst that quickly went south after his paramour (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman) revealed an unusual fetish. When Nate’s new date arrives, however, it’s Luke who starts to fret.

Wyse (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Marvel’s Iron Fist”) and Taylor (“Smash,” “Looking”) share writing and directorial duties on “Indoor Boys,” which premieres new episodes on HuffPost Queer Voices every Sunday. The show, which will comprise eight episodes in total in its first season, explores how “the gray area that is so often the friendship between gay men... can walk the line between friend and relationship,” Wyse told HuffPost.

If you missed last week’s episode of “Indoor Boys,” check it out here. Don’t miss the pilot episode, “See What I’m Up To,” and the second episode, “Husband Material,” too.

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