For The 'Indoor Boys,' A Boundary-Free Relationship Begins With Family

The acclaimed series traces its queer protagonists' codependency back to childhood.

Sibling rivalry takes many dramatic forms on the latest episode of “ Indoor Boys,” the award-winning web series that examines the challenges of gay male friendship in the digital age.

The first two episodes of Season 2, which premiered June 25 on HuffPost, found former roommates Nate (Alex Wyse) and Luke (Wesley Taylor) resuming their boundary-free relationship in New York. To Nate’s chagrin, Luke seems to have forgotten about their one-night stand in Los Angeles and is happily enjoying the company of a new beau, Rusty (Kyle Harris).

In “Harmony,” Luke’s siblings Lacy (Krysta Rodriguez) and Logan (Isaac Powell) pop in, informing Nate why they believe their brother’s new romance is doomed. Meanwhile, Luke lets Nate’s mother, Ellen (Carolee Carmello), in on a few secrets of his own. (Check out “Harmony” above.)

Meanwhile, the origins of Nate and Luke’s codependency are explained in this week’s second episode, “He’s a Bully.” Viewers find out how the pair’s families came to know each other through a hilarious flashback featuring Veanne Cox as Luke’s mother, Lenora, and Broadway veterans Anthony Rosenthal and Noah Hinsdale as young Nate and Luke, respectively. (Check out “He’s a Bully” below.)

Wyse (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Marvel’s Iron Fist”) and Taylor (“Smash,” “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical”) share writing and directorial duties on “Indoor Boys.” After premiering on HuffPost last year, the show won two 2018 Indie Series Awards, including one for Wyse, who was named Best Lead Actor in a Comedy.

The series, Wyse said, aims to explore how “the gray area that is so often the friendship between gay men ... can walk the line between friend and relationship.”

The drama continues on Monday, July 9, with two more episodes of “Indoor Boys” on HuffPost. Be sure to tune in.

You can catch older episodes of “Indoor Boys” here.

Indoor Boys

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